The second review meeting of the project took place at VEOLIA facilities in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, on September 21th 2017. Representatives of DOW, Veolia, KWR, WssTP and Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic attended to the meeting.

During the meeting the attendees reviewed the current status of the project, action by action. The project progresses as scheduled, with the optimization of the REWATCH process at bench-scale nearly finished. The public tender for the construction of the prototype with the filtration modules was won by the company JHUESA from Sevilla, The construction activities of the prototype are in progress, in Sevilla and Italy for the ACTIFLO+MBBR and filtration modules, respectively, and are expected to finish in the next months. The installation of the prototype is foreseen for December 2017.

Now the consortium will start defining the process start-up and the experimental plan in order to demonstrate the maximum water recovery with a good water quality and quantity monitoring.