Currently, LIFE REWATCH project is running the prototype with the whole treatment train, including the following technologies:

  1. AnoxKaldnesTM moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR), which is devoted to decrease the organic matter content of the petrochemical wastewater. Two aerobic reactor connected in series (23 m3 each) made on epoxy coated carbon steel (S235). Due the toxic characteristics of the wastewater, special attention was made during adaptation period of the biomass to the inhibitory compounds and achieve proper biofilm formation. The chosen carriers were AnoxKaldnes Z-carriers.
  2. Actiflo®, coagulation-ballasted flocculation process, aimed to remove suspended solids and particulate organic matter (and possible toxic/inhibitory compounds). A coagulation tank followed by a flocculation compartment and a settling tank allow the separation of the sludge and obtain clarified water to feed the ultrafiltration process.
  3. Ultrafiltration, IntegraFluxTM SFP-2880XP modules from DuPontTM, are applied in order to improve the quality of the treated wastewater and remove solids, such as microbial and particulate contaminants.
  4. Ion exchange resins, DuPont DOWEXTM technology, where reversible interchange of ions between a solid matrix (ion exchange material) and a liquid takes place. This treatment step allowed the removal of trace ions.
  5. Reverse osmosis, with DuPont FILMTECTM FORTLIFETM CR100 modules, is used to reject dissolved salts and inorganic molecules in challenging waters prone to organic/biological fouling.

Current results allow to achieve a final effluent with a quality close to fulfill boiler feed water specifications with the above integrated technologies. Following months, improvement of the final effluent quality will be pursuit and confirm long-term operation of the treatment train in a sustainable way.