Filtration membranes such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultrafiltration (UF) are becoming one of the most used technologies in water treatment and separation processes in the industry worldwide. As water scarcity increases and the quality of the water available decreases, RO and UF membranes and processes are required to be more and more robust. According to this, the development of membranes which can ensure continuous operation while dealing with challenging feed waters represents one of the most relevant innovations in the membrane space.

DOW Water & Process Solutions, has brought to the market over the last two years technologies specifically developed to cope with water sources presenting diverse levels of foulants and physicochemical characteristics. In particular, DOW Ultrafiltration Integraflux™, which allows decreasing the energy consumption up to 25% (30% higher permeability) and DOW FILMTEC™ FORTILIFE™ Reverse Osmosis membranes which achieve an up to 50% reduction in the cleanings needed in the system, have been developed for wastewater management.

Within the scope of the REWATCH project, wastewaters from the DOW Tarragona Petrochemical processes will be treated with DOW IntegraFlux™ and DOW FORTILIFE™.