On May 13, 2021, aguasresiduales.info, a leading magazine in information, training, and knowledge of the Water Treatment Sector, invited Elisenda Taberna to an interview to talk about the LIFE REWATCH project. It can be found in https://www.aguasresiduales.info/media/boletines/boletin-_2021-05-13.html

During the interview, topics such as the context of the project, related to the availability of water resources, the main objectives of the LIFE REWATCH project, the implementation phases, the main technological challenges to face, the proposed technological solution, and, finally, the results obtained.

To conclude, it was indicated that the LIFE REWATCH project contributes to the effective implementation of the objectives of the Circular Economy Action Plan and is in line with one of the main objectives of European environmental and climate adaptation policies, which is the preservation of freshwater resources.