On June 16th the LIFE REWATCH project team hosted a virtual open day. The virtual seminar gathered three partners of the LIFE REWATCH project: Miquel Rovira (from Eurecat, coordinator of the project), Elisenda Taberna (from VWS, technology supplier of AnoxKaldnesTM MBRR and Actiflo® evaluated on REWATCH project) and David Arias (from DuPont Water Solutions, technology supplier of Ultrafiltration, DOWEX TM Ion Exchange Resins (IX) and FilmTec TM  Reverse Osmosis (RO) evaluated on REWATCH project). They discussed about the environmental impact of the petrochemical industry over water consumption, the importance to move to a circular economy and how REWATCH project can help to water scarcity by reusing the waste water generated in DOW’s Ethylene Cracker plant thanks to the treatment scheme of REWATCH project. Key technological issues were exposed for each applied technology in REWATCH project. Originally planned to be an on-site Open Day and to introduce the versatile REWATCH prototype located in the petrochemical complex of DOW Chemical Ibérica in Tarragona, the session was shifted online due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The virtual seminar gathered key members of the petrochemical industry and at the end of the session, a question & answer section took place.

A second Open day will take place on following months, which will  focus on the results of the prototype of the REWACTH project and how the treatment train can be implemented and even scaled-up on other petrochemical industries to reclaim wastewater towards reducing their environmental impact.