The water recycling scheme foreseen in the REWATCH project includes a biological treatment aimed at removing organic matter and nutrients from the petrochemical wastewater.

This biological treatment is based on the Anoxkaldnes® MBBR technology, developed by Veolia Water Technologies, and combines the best features of the activated sludge process with the features of biofilters. Bacteria responsible for the biological degradation are attached to specially designed plastic carriers which remain suspended in the reactor. The carriers are designed to provide a large protected surface area for the biofilm to grow and optimal conditions for the bacteria culture.

A small-scale MBBR is currently operating at the facilities of CTM for the treatment of wastewater from the DOW petrochemical plant. The aim of this bench-scale operation is to determine the best carrier design, the maximum DQO and N load, the operating conditions of dissolved oxygen for different wastewater qualities, and identify compounds with potential toxic effects.

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